About WhiteHat

We’re WhiteHat, a tech startup on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders and we’re doing this by building an outstanding alternative to university through apprenticeships. We work with some of the UK's most exciting companies to deliver apprenticeships, including Digital Marketing at Google, Software Engineering at Sky, and are helping companies plug skills gaps in Data Science and Project Management by upskilling existing staff.

The way we approach apprenticeships is on a different level in terms of ambition and scale. We focus on three core areas; measuring potential beyond academics & work experience through our platform; delivering world-class teaching and content via applied learning programmes; and helping a diverse group of young people build social capital & strong networks through a thriving on-and-offline community.

By developing high quality education and training that supports the needs of both employers and young people we're transforming apprenticeships and creating a credible alternative to even the best universities. We believe this will play a vital role in solving the UK’s skills gap, addressing inequalities in pay and opportunity, and challenging wider societal perceptions surrounding apprenticeships and how you access the best careers.

The obvious move right now is going to university if you want a great job - that’s what everyone does. But this is such an imperfect system, one that employers, students, and governments are uncomfortable with.

So we’re building something different, and it starts with apprenticeships.

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